Go Silent Friend

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Go, silent friend,
your life has found its ending;
To dust returns your weary mortal frame.
God, who before birth called you into being,
Now calls you hence, his ascent still the same.
Go, silent friend,
your life in Christ is buried;
For you he lived and died and rose again.
Close by his side your promised place is waiting
Where, fully known, you shall with God remain.

Go, silent friend,
forgive us if we grieved you;
Safe now in heaven, kindly say our name.
your life has touched us, that is why we mourn you;
Our lives without you cannot be the same.
Go, silent friend,
we do not grudge you glory;
Sing, sing with joy deep praises to your Lord.
You, who believed that Christ would come back for you,
Now celebrate that Jesus keeps his word.