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[Jesus] healed all those who were ill and gave them orders not to tell others about him. He did this so as to make what God had said through the prophet Isaiah come true:
"Here is my servant, whom I have chosen, the one I love, and with whom I am pleased. I will send my Spirit upon him, and he will announce my judgement to the nations. He will not argue or shout, or make loud speeches in the streets. He will not break off a bent reed, or put out a flickering lamp. He will persist until he causes justice to triumph, and in him all peoples will put their hope."

Matthew 12: 15b-21

This Gospel reading brings together the things that Jesus did with words from the Old Testament. Here we see that Jesus kept some of the things that he did a secret. He seems to want the disciples to focus on the message he is sharing and the values that they are learning.

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