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  • Prayer for Everyone

    A lovely inclusive prayer which celebrates the many people living in the world. The second part of the prayer is a call of praise to God which reminds us of the call of the crowds on Palm Sunday and is a picture of the worship of the sa...

  • Prayer for Fathers

    Here we have a good prayer for Fathers' day! There are some lovely images of parenting, all based on Christian values. It is a prayer which is also good for use at Christmas. This prayer mentions the value of trust - notice that God is ...

  • Grace, mercy and peace be with you

    A greeting which reminds us of attributes of God. God is the giver of grace and is merciful and gives us his peace. You could make other versions of this greeting using values like this 'Hope, respect and wisdom be with you'. These are ...

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  • Truthfulness 3


  • Wisdom 1


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